Tired of CRM Tools With "Endless" Possibilities...

But Lack Time & Technical Knowledge to Make It All Work Together to Generate Leads?

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Why Most Sales Pros Fail to Generate Leads With CRM "TOOLS"

Just because you are given a hammer doesn't mean you can build a house with it. Well, we build the house for you! Not only that, but we will give you all the tools you need to maintain it!

Email & SMS automations for nurture & appointments

Creating sequences to follow up with leads, send appointment reminders, and manage nurture emails can often be overwhelming. Our system simplifies these tasks, making it easy to stay organized and effective.

Integrating CRM with your website & Social Media

Unlike other CRMs that require you to use third-party tools like Zapier for integration, our CRM seamlessly connects messages from your website, form submissions, and calendar requests directly into your tool. We also automate the conversion process with precisely crafted messages, streamlining your workflow and enhancing lead conversion without the extra hassle.

Come up with your own systems & processes

We offer a comprehensive framework to structure and organize your system effectively. Unlike other CRMs, which merely provide tools for organizing unproven lead generation and nurturing processes, our solution delivers fully-developed systems. We don’t just help you organize; we equip you with proven strategies and complete systems for generating and nurturing leads successfully.

Have to be a marketing expert

Other CRMs provide the basic tools, but leave you to construct your own sales funnels, design landing pages, configure Facebook Ads, craft ad copy, and develop engaging emails and titles. Additionally, they require a robust set of marketing and technical skills to effectively integrate and operate these components. Our CRM, on the other hand, simplifies this entire process, offering you a cohesive, ready-to-implement system that enhances your marketing efforts without the steep learning curve.

We created an entire Sales & Lead Generation SYSTEM ready to go on Day 1.

Imagine a system to run your entire business from a single login. Prebuilt automations and messaging through email and SMS to nurture leads using proven methods to book appointments! You get access to this framework along with the tools to use it, on day one!

So What's Included besides the CRM?

Different packages offer different things; however, we pack our most basic package to the max with value!

Your website is the digital face of your real estate business, and we get how crucial that is. We’re here to ensure you not only have a site that looks fantastic but also works tirelessly to capture and nurture leads. Let's make a website you're proud of—one that really performs!

We will help setup your business number that can be used for sending out SMS and call your leads as well as track calling and record conversations.

Missed a call? No problem, our system will email the person right away asking how you can help them! Never miss another lead call again.

The secret is all about mastering your communication. While our automations take care of the heavy lifting, personal touch is key. You’ll want to engage with leads from every source. Our unified inbox brings together your social media DMs, text messages, and emails into one convenient place! This way, you'll never miss a message from a contact again!

Reviews are the number one thing that people look online for before deciding to purchase or do business with someone. We created a system, with a funnel that is designed to generate reviews anytime you interact with your contacts. 

This calendar can be used to book appointments directly with you from within your email signature or your website.

Plan and schedule your social media posts for the week or month ahead. Keep your content fresh and top of mind without the hassle of posting manually across multiple platforms. This way, you stay visible effortlessly!

Now, visitors to your website can chat with you in real time. Simply respond to them directly from your phone via text message. Never miss a chance to connect with a site visitor again!

Send mass emails directly to your contacts without relying on third-party solutions or integrating through Zapier. With our system, you can monitor open rates and rest assured that your domain stays off any blacklists!

Our system includes a suite of pre-built messages and sequences tailored for event reminders, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, calendar bookings, gated content, and more. We have meticulously crafted emails and messages designed to nurture your leads throughout the entire sales process, ensuring long-term engagement and conversion. This comprehensive approach streamlines your communication, allowing you to maintain consistent, effective contact with your prospects at every step.


How SalesHubHQ Works?

We give you a complete ready to go system that connects your website, Ads, Website & SM Forms, Calendars, and all of your contacts into a single, cohesive system, designed to generate leads! Everything is pre-built and configured, ready to go, for you!

Great Customer Service & Awesome Systems Is What We Do!

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During the call we want to make sure that our system will be a good fit for you.  We want customers that are dedicated to growing their real estate business and we will show you the tools that can make that happen! 

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